Pullulan Capsules

For all of our Capsule Products, we use Pullulan capsules.

The raw material of the Pullulan capsule is a natural polysaccharide produced by fermentation from food grade starch using a strain of Aureobasidium pullulans:

  • Without transformation or chemical modification.
  • Resulting from a natural fermentation process, GMO-free and non-pathogenic, using plant extracts.
  • Already well known and used by the Pharmaceutical and Food industry.
  • Pullulan has been declared by the competent European Authorities as a non-harmful, non-allergenic raw material, and therefore without risk to health.

The Pullulan capsules are guaranteed to be free of additives and surfactants, gluten, colorings and preservatives, plant-based and non-GMO, and titanium dioxide.

Finally, and this is not one of its least advantages, Pullulan has a "barrier" effect to air 250 times greater than HPMC (Hypromellose) capsules, which has the effect of better protecting the encapsulated product from the. oxidation.


Regarding the content of the capsules, BOTAVIE products do not consist of extracts but blends of Plants all used in their Totum. To find out more Click HERE.