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You want to become a Distributor

Since 1999, Botavie has built a unique reputation for quality products created according to the principles of the Unani Tradition. It therefore occupies an unparalleled place in Europe.

Our products are EU Certified.

Our products do not contain any excipients.
Customers benefit fully from the benefits of the plants that make up each of our capsules, as well as each of our oils and lotions. 

Our products do not contain GMOs. In addition, the plants that make up our products are used in their "Totum". That is the whole plant (aerial and underground parts, except in specific cases) as opposed to plant extracts. (To learn more about the Totum click here)

The raw materials that we use are not irradiated and undergo, before their use, analyzes by authorized laboratories.

Our capsules are made in pullulan. Pullulan has been declared by the competent European Authorities as a non-harmful raw material, non-allergenic, and therefore without risk to health.

Our ingredients and capsules do not contain any animal products resulting from cruelty to animals and are not in any way, or at any stage of their manufacture, tested on animals. Only beeswax is used in the composition of certain cosmeceuticals.

By becoming a Distributor of BOTAVIE and IRELIA products, you will have the satisfaction of selling products that have acquired a reputation for efficiency and quality from our customers.