Plant Totum

BOTAVIE products are not made of plant extracts, they are complex blends of Plants all used in their Totum.

What is TOTUM?

Plant totumThe Totum of a Plant is the complex and coherent set of the active principles of the plant. These active principles balance out and act in synergy. The vast majority of plants are used in their Totum for their beneficial effects knowned since the Antiquity, for its proven results.

What is an EXTRACT?

The plant extracts or their synthetic derivatives are obtained by chemical processes and use only isolated active ingredients, supposed to represent the therapeutic properties of the whole plant, in concentrated forms, and sometimes added to each other.

Why do we think Totum is superior to Extracts?

It would be illusory to think that the therapeutic action of a plant is the fact of only one molecule. On the contrary, it can be explained by the combined and variable effects of synergy, potentiation (and sometimes even antagonism) of the overall active ingredients as well as their bioavailability.

Thus, molecules that are inactive by themselves can nevertheless facilitate the therapeutic activity of other molecules.

The whole plant Totum may have therapeutic value that can be modified or even disappear if their components are made available in "concentrated" form. Because in botany too, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Thus, although a whole plant has been used successfully for hundreds of years, its selective extracts, even concentrated, can give mostly disappointing results. In isolation, each active ingredient may often have only a weak or limited effect.

The plant TOTUM, allows an optimal bioavailability in the body and allows for a physiological action respectful of the cells whereas the Extracts, because of their high concentration, appear more like a composition of synthetic elements, in a manner similar to the chemicals rather to a natural product even though everything is basically natural. Each elemental substance of the plant participates to the whole, in a network of subtle interactions with therapeutic effects that maintain the human vital energy.plant totum mortar

The plant TOTUM also has the advantage of not needing solvents for extraction nor excipients either to fill the capsules, which in the case of extracts, is often required.

"The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts." Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

"The therapeutic effect can not be attributed to a single chemical constituent or a group of molecules. It is the whole of the substances present in the plant which determines the activity of the plant, by a synergistic effect, but sometimes also, of antagonism. "Professor Jean-Marie Pelt (1933-2015)