jointsOsteoarthritis, a degenerative disease characterized by inflammation of the joints between bones, usually as a result of wear and tear over the years. Osteoarthritis is the most common of the various kinds of arthritis. It affects joints of the neck, back (joints of the spine), knees, hips, fingers, thumbs, and big toes.

Osteoarthritis occurs most often after age 45, and often due to a joint injury in the childhood, different infections or accidents (sport accident, car accident or at work).For this reason every joint injury should be treated carefully to avoid a possible osteoarthritis in the future.

In a healthy joint, cartilage (smooth, elastic tissue that cushions the joint and allows for ease of movement) protects the ends of the bones. In osteoarthritis, years of joint use may eventually cause the cartilage to deteriorate, changing its surface from smooth to rough. Occasionally, a direct injury to a joint can cause osteoarthritis.

As the cartilage deteriorates, the ends of the bones begin to rub together, causing joint swelling. Eventually, bone may grow along the sides of the joint in the form of lumps, or spurs. These joint changes cause the typical symptoms of osteoarthritis: pain when the joint is used that may remain even after movement has stopped, swelling, a gradual loss of joint flexibility, and weather-induced joint discomfort.

• exercise program to strengthen muscles and lessen stiffening.
• Weight loss for overweight patients to ease the pressure on joints, and good posture to strengthen spine muscles.

ArthroMine is allowing a better irrigation of the cartilage located at the articulation, thus improving the inflow of silica to the cartilaginous fabric ant its fixation. It also improves the viscosity of the synovial liquid. Moreover, the product triggers the inhibition of the natural process of destruction of the cartilage.

ArthroMine is made of plants and natural substances with added sulphur (food quality sulphur). The ArthroMine compound is targeting the following objectives:
• Improved blood irrigation of articular tissue and cleansing of cartilaginous fabric
• Improved viscosity of the synovial liquid 
• Improved inflow of easily assimilated silica, preserving the cartilages and allowing a gradual regeneration
• Deceleration of the natural process of destruction of the cartilage 
• Dissolution and evacuation of uric acid and/or calcareous crystallizations

ArthroMine does not contain any corticosteroids to take care of inflammations; therefore there are no risks for bones demineralisation, which would weaken furthermore the functional capacity of the articulations.


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