Immune System

Immune SystemImmune System, group of cells, molecules, and organs that act together to defend the body against foreign invaders that may cause disease, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The health of the body is dependent on the immune system’s ability to recognize and then repel or destroy these invaders.

Symptoms for a weakened immune system :
* an ongoing fatigue, hiding stress and sleep deficiency, two factors that attack the immune system
* a sensitivity for infections, especially for cold, herpes, vagina-infections, urinary infections etc
* a slow would healing

Risk groups : Patients suffering from a chronicle, serious disease : diabetes, lung disease, heart diseases, kidney deficiency, cancer
Patients in hospital, after surgery : the risk for infections is increased ( especially the hospital virus)

Risk factors : 
Un unbalanced diet, in quantity and quality, is the main reason for a weak immune system and responsable for the body beeing easier attackable by multiple infections. 
With age, the immune system is weakened. Eventhough there are people that age in good health, many studies show that people over 65 suffer more often from infections and cancer.
Sleep deficiency
Stress- in stress situation the adrenal glands free kortisol and noradrenalin- two substances weakening the immune system

Immune system disorders
Disorders of the immune system can range from the less serious, such as mild allergy, to the life threatening, such as more serious allergy, transplant rejection, immune deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases.

Action of ImmunoVie
The plants composing ImmunoVie strengthen the immune response with:

  • Its anti-free radical effect, that fights against the oxidation of the cells and the tissues (heart, brain, skin, veins, arteries...).
  • Its draining effect that allows the elimination of toxins.
  • The plants also contribute to the proper functioning of the spleen which plays a significant role in the immune system.