The Alterphyto Points

Welcome to the Alterphyto Reward Program: Alterphyto Points

In order to thank you for buying products on our Alterphyto website, we have implemented a program that allows us to grant you Rewards Points (Alterphyto Points) for purchases made on the site.
In fact, Alterphyto Points are not only awarded for purchases, therefore when you sign up as a new customer on the site, you earn 50 Alterphyto Points. You write a testimony or comment ... again 50 Points will be credited to your account.

Here are the elements of this programme:
- Purchases Products; For every Euro (€ 1.00) spent on the purchase of Products (shipping included) you earn 1 Point
- New Customer - Registration on the website 50 Points
- New newsletter subscription Alterphyto 50 Points
- Each approved comment or testimony left on the site 50 Points
- Each reference on the Social Networks (Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - G+): 30 Points - Facebook Like 20 Points
- Each link of one of our products sent to a friend resulting into an order 50 Points

What to do with these points .... You can simply use them when you buy products on our website. 100 Points = € 1.00

IMPORTANT: The points are awarded for each order made, be it on our Internet Site,  a Phone Order or a Mail Order.