Blotches-CouperosisCouperosis is a condition where redness appears due to the presence of small, dilated red blood vessels visible on the face. Couperosis occurs due to poor elasticity of the capillary walls.

What is Blotches Skin?
Normally, when there is a sudden rush of blood to the skin, capillaries expand to receive the increase of blood, then contract and return to normalcy. In a weakened state of elasticity, however, capillaries will expand, but do not contract and return to their normal state. This results in dilated capillaries with lingering blood cells, making them appear defined and red on the skin’s surface.

Couperose skin can be aggravated by excessive use of hot and cold water on skin, blushing, spicy foods, alcohol, cigarettes, hot & spicy foods, and sun; anything that causes blood to rush to the face.


BotaVein acts by using an oily base added with plants and specific natural substances, which penetrate the skin to the venous fabric.  The astringent and cicatrising properties of the lotion resorb the inflammations and provide more tonicity, strength and resilience to the venous tissue.

A depurative cure will always constitute an excellent basis to ensure the efficiency of almost any other targeted product. DynOrgan is a depurative that cleans vital organs and ensures the proper functioning and the stimulation of those organs (namely: the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gall-bladder).

In combination with BotaDermo it is efficient for some other skin conditions such as erythema and urticaria.