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Anallergon Cistus Creticus DUO

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One Pill Box of Anallergon and One Pill Box of Cistus Creticus for € 78.00 € 66.00 
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Effective anti-allergic measure, in two different forms.

One pill box of CISTUS CRETICUS 100 capsules of 420 mg - Initial setting up of the usage with effects within a few days.

One pill box of ANALLERGON 100 capsules of 390 mg - Background therapy with effects over two to three months.

Cistus Creticus is one of those medicinal herbs that have continued to demonstrate their benefits through the ages.
Its properties are numerous : Antioxydant - Antiviral - Antibacterial - Immune stimulating - Detoxyfying - Antimycobacterial

Anallergon is a complex micronutrient with antiallergic effects composed of vitamins, minerals and other natural elements essential to the proper functioning of the immune system. By its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action, Anallergon is an effective response to allergy problems.

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Anallergon Cistus Creticus DUO
Anallergon Cistus Creticus DUO

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