AcneAcne, eruptive skin disease. It is primarily a disorder of the sebaceous follicles of the skin and appears most often on the face, neck, and back. The natural secretion, or sebum, of the follicles accumulates and mixes with dust and dirt. The follicles and surrounding tissue become inflamed and blackheads appear. If the follicle opening completely closes, the accumulated sebum is degraded by bacteria and forms a cyst.

Acne vulgaris, the most common form, is usually associated with adolescence but may also occur in adults. A severe form of the disorder is known as acne conglobata. Other forms of acne are also observed, such as the chloracne caused by chlorinated compounds. In acne rosacea, the capillaries in the cheeks, forehead, and nose are swollen with blood and the oil glands in the skin become infected.

Acne in adolescence results primarily from hormonal changes taking place in the body; the hormones stimulate sebum production. Outbreaks cannot be prevented by a controlled diet and are not a sign of uncleanliness. Good hygiene should be observed, however, to prevent more serious infections. Severe acne in adults may be a sign of an underlying endocrine disorder.

Action of BotaDermo Lotion
BotaDermo (Lotion and Cream) is made of specific plants and natural substances that penetrate the skin tissue with a cleansing and purifying action. Some plants have the function of restoring the Ph balance of the skin, other plants will inhibit the production of sebum, which is at the root of the problem, thus stopping the development of comedo and blackhead (zits and pimples).

Some other plants and substances can be viewed as excipients, they facilitate the absorption of the lotion by the skin tissue.

BotaDermo aims to expel the blackheads and micro-blackheads from the skin. This is the reason why, after a few applications of BotaDermo Lotion and Cream, some people will notice a spontaneous eruption of pimples. Do not get alarmed.

This is a sign demonstrating the effectiveness of the curative virtues of the product, which pushes infected blackheads to the surface and purifies the skin. BotaDermo uses this process to prevent papules (inflammation and redness of the dermis) and, a few days later, the pimples will dry up and disappear completely without leaving any traces on the skin.