Scientific Committe

Fayez Aladdin Al-Kabir,
Alchemist and Unani medicine practitioner – herbal medicine specialist
Has devoted his whole life studying alchemy as a philosophical approach and the science of nature, which is incorporated into the great tradition of Unani medicine. Attending classes at the Madrassah (colleges) allowed him to meet with "masters" from whom he inherited the knowledge and the research techniques of the Unani practice. Ever since, he has continued the research in ancient texts and manuscripts in order to perfect his knowledge about proven recipes and principles that he can adapt by the including the knowledge of modern science. This knowledge and those recipes of the Unani medicine are directly at work in the development of the Botavie products. It is on these bases that he has become the main Botavie product designer and craftsman. He therefore works in collaboration with the other Botavie advisers at the product's development, production, quality control and guaranteed efficiency.


Eric Al Halaby
B. Sc. Biochemistry, M. Sc. Immune-Pharmacology – University of Montréal

He based his studies on the macromolecules affecting living organisms. During his master’s degree at the University of Montreal, he studied intracellular signets due to antigen stimulation at the surface of human B lymphocytes; to characterize the differential response of human B leukemia’s to immunotherapy, in the case of antilogous bone marrow grafts. It was established that the human B lymphocytes react in a variable way in the cascade of second messengers (more precisely intracellular calcium) put into action in the cytoplasm, upon the B lymphocyte’s own maturity. Fascinated by the philosophy and the body of knowledge of the Unani medicine, has become an adviser to Botavie for the last few years.


We thank Dr. Jacques Desrosiers for his support and contribution to the development and direction of the Botavie Company since its inception. Unfortunately Dr. Desrosiers passed away September 11, 2007 and we take this opportunity to offer our sympathy to his family.

Dr J.A. Jacques Desrosiers, m.d. B.A. l.M.C.C. F.A.C.O.G. F.R.C.S. ©
Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York
Senior Professor at the University of Montréal

With over 35 years of experience in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics as both a Practitioner and a Professor, Dr Desrosiers has authored and collaborated to over 70 publications, more than a hundred speeches and presentations and has been a medical researcher for over 17 years. Being an excellent communicator, he masters the art of explaining arduous and complex knowledge into simple and easy to grasp concepts and explanations, he has therefore worked on numerous scientific television productions. Dr. Desrosiers has always followed closely the use and the practices of the natural medicines, and in this context he has become an Adviser to Botavie.