A Philosophy

Botavie, a philosophy and unique products


Botavie as a company is heir to two very rich traditions that complement each other. Developed in Switzerland, a country deeply rooted in a many centuries long tradition of using herbal medicines, the Botavie products benefit from the tremendous development of the herbal medicine (phytotherapeutic) practice in this country. Complementary to the Swiss tradition, many recipes developed by Botavie also find their origin in ancestral alchemistic research and formulae from the tradition of the Unani medicine that takes its roots from the antique Pharaonic Egyptian, Greek, Druses and Arabic body of knowledge. Therefore we have established a production base in the heart of this Mediterranean world, in Cyprus where the products are composed and assembled, packed and shipped to our customers.

Indeed, the Unani medicine, which has more than 6 000 years, comes to us from medical knowledge of ancient Egypt and Sumerian Mesopotamia. It has been developed by Hippocrates (460-377 BC) and Pythagorus as well as by other Greek scholars-philosophers and by Gallien. Later, the Arabic, Persian and Jewish erudites and scholars will continue to improve it and to develop its scientific bases.

Canon Avicennae

The following scholars; Ibn-el-Masawayh, Al-Razi, Hunain Bin Isaak, Al-Tabari, Abu Sahl Al Masihi, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Bin Daoud Al-Antaki as well as a lot of others left important and complete treaties on this medicine that have been translated in several foreign languages and particularly into Latin. From the 9th century and during the four consecutive centuries, the Arabs and the Persians introduced this medicine into India and China as well as in Spain and to the south of France where it became the basis of the medical teaching in the faculties of Medicine, in particular in Montpellier.

This medical practice is still very much alive and occupies an important place in the current Ayurvedic medicine in India and in the traditional Chinese medicine. Unani medicine is also dispersed in many of other countries of the Far East and Central Asia. In many different countries, numerous hospitals, health institutes and dispensaries base their practice on this medical discipline. By way of example, one can find such places as far as Australia where some Institutes and Dispensaries provide the Tibb UNANI care (UNANI medicine). Currently, WHO (World Health Organization) has listed and published books and documents on the scope and the benefits related to the Unani medicine, which is getting more and more interest from the medical scientific community.

Moreover, Botavie is always on the lookout for new information and knowledge about plants and their curative virtues from new scientific research. This intersection between the knowledge base of the Unani medicine, matched with the learning from scientific research surely contributes to make the Botavie products totally unique.

Based on a twenty years old craftsmanship operation, Botavie was founded in 1999 with the objective of offering, to a larger population, what was until now reserved to the lucky few who knew the artisans personally.


Now, the Botavie products are no longer “potions” but compounds produced according to refined manufacturing processes in formats that are more suitable to the customers’ tastes. It is important to state that only the texture and the visual aspect have changed, that is the product’s conditioning. The great care taken in selecting the raw materials (plants and natural products), the extraction methods used to isolate specific properties from the plants for a given formula have remained the same. Actually, the Botavie products have kept a craftsmanship quality in the preparation of the basic components; only the conditioning and the packaging of the compounds have taken an “industrial” form. This too renders the Botavie products unique.

If the appearance of the products has changed, their unique composition and, more importantly, their efficiency have remained the same. We really insist on this point, Botavie solely develops and commercializes products for which the treatment and prevention qualities as well as the efficiency are absolutely undeniable.

As part of the development process of our products, the collaboration with medical doctors and pharmacists ensures that the products are tested and evaluated. For Botavie, as well as for its customers, results are of the first and foremost importance. It is indeed common for the producers of natural medicines to use the motto “non nuocere” (to be harmless), more often than none, this notion hides vague curative virtues that are harmless to the point of having a diluted effect favouring the general physical wellness of the subject without aiming specifically to his/her physical ailment.

The Botavie products aim and focus on the causes of the ailment in order to remove the effects. They are not products for generic usage but precisely targeted compounds for which only the prescribed dosage can make the difference between curative or preventive approaches. All of this without side effects, and this might be where Botavie also joins the rank of the “non nuocere” motto, for us it means “no side effects”. This approach of targeted results for natural products is also unique, which therefore contributes to the uniqueness of the Botavie products.

Because avoiding side effects is one of our main preoccupations, our products are made exclusively from plants and natural substances (free of any trace of chemical products). We guaranty the purity of all our products.

Furthermore, Botavie's image is also based on the quality and ethics of its products:

  • Composed exclusively of plants (based on the principle of the synergy of potentials and the bioavailability of the active principles of plants; Totum), plant extracts and natural substances (without any presence of chemicals).
  • Without any excipient. Customers take full advantage of the benefits of the plants that make up each of our capsules, oils or lotions.
  • GMO free.
  • Not tested on animals.


Finally, Botavie has developed an expertise in two domains, therapeutic and herbal medicine products and, in a lesser proportion, natural herbal cosmetics. The same care is taken in producing the two lines of products and both are the result of the combined knowledge of plants and traditions from Europe and the Middle East. The development of those lines of products is simply the consequence of answering to the demand over the years. Our early customers / patients have significantly contributed to the development of the products currently offered by Botavie.