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Alter Phyto: A Swiss company bringing you high quality products and brands.

AlterPhyto offers the BOTAVIE and IRELIA products that you can now buy in a single site.

BOTAVIE and IRELIA are sister companies ...
Botavie's vocation has been, since its inception in Geneva in 1999, to offer products made entirely of plants, actually blends of plants, developed according to the principles of the Unani Tradition. The result is unique, 100% herbal formulas, whose proven recipes in the purest artisan tradition have earned the trust of an ever and more demanding and larger clientele.

However, you have been many and long since claiming other types of products. But Botavie could not meet these needs without transgressing its fundamental principle, which is to offer only blends of plants, 100% natural, to a clientele more and more convinced of the effectiveness of its blends of plants from the Unani Tradition.

Eager to respond to these requests, BOTAVIE established in 2006 a sister company; IRELIA, whose vocation is to offer products such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals; single-plant products like Olive Leaves, Cistus Creticus, Reishi or Cordyceps for starters.

BOTAVIE and IRELIA share the same goal: Always offer its customers cutting-edge products of the highest efficiency.

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